CMIS 351 Microsoft AccessTM Self-Assessment

An important prerequisite for CMIS 351 is to have working knowledge of Microsoft Access. This requires both that you understand the fundamentals of relational databases and that you can apply this knowledge in Microsoft Access.

To assess whether you have the necessary skills, we have created a two part self-assessment exercise. The first part tests your knowledge of relational databases, and the second part tests your ability to create queries in Microsoft Access. If you can answer at least seven of the ten Part 1 multiple choice questions correctly, and create all three queries in Part 2, you should have sufficient Access knowledge to complete the assignments in CMIS 351.

Part 1: Relational Databases


Part 2: Creating Queries in Access

Download this Microsoft Access database: link

If you have an older version of Access and are unable to open the data file above, try this one: link

The database contains fictional student grade data. The “Student Grades” table contains the names of the students, the courses they completed, the dates each student started and completed each course, and the grade each student received. The “Grade Conversion” table shows the numeric value for each possible grade.

Create queries to answer each of the following questions:

  1. For each student, what is the average length of time to complete their courses?
  2. For each course, what is the average, maximum, and minimum length of time students take to complete that course?
  3. What is the current grade point average of each student, sorted from lowest grade point to highest?

To check your answers, click link to Access query answers.docx.